Source: Minecraft

After the year we just had, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Earth is ending. While our planet is safe, Minecraft Earth is not.

The augmented reality game will officially come to an end this June. As a “real-world” Minecraft, it was designed around free movement and collaborative play, two things that have been increasingly difficult to do since its launch last year. Minecraft has chosen to end support for Minecraft Earth, and instead focus on its other games.

From today until the end of the Minecraft world, kids can play the game in a new way that encourages them to stay indoors. Minecraft Earth no longer has real money transactions and will drastically reduce ruby costs. It will also reduce the time requirements for crafting and smelting, and replace unused crafting and smelting boosts with radius boosts.

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Players will still be able to find all of the completed content that was already in the works. In addition, those who sign on between Jan. 5 and June 30 will receive a set of Character Creator items.

On June 30, Minecraft Earth will discontinue all content and service support, meaning kids will no longer be able to download or play it. On July 1, Minecraft Earth player data and Minecoin Entitlements will get deleted.

Those who bought items with real money will see a return on their investments in the Minecraft Marketplace. All ruby balances will transfer to Minecoins. Players will also receive a free copy of Minecraft (the bedrock version) so they can use their Minecoins to buy skin and texture packs, maps, and mini-games.