Four warriors have been summoned across time and space, and only one will reign supreme in this battle of the ages! Pick your warrior and prove your skills in the Vortex Arena. Fight fearsome opponents from different dimensions, and ultimately reign supreme as the ultimate Titan.

HEXBUG spins into the realm of battle-bots with Micro Titans Vortex (Centurion vs. Viking) and Micro Titans Vortex (Knight vs. Samurai). With four transdimensional warriors from which to choose, there’s plenty of fantastical fun to be had. Kids can choose between four fearsome warriors — the Centurion, the Viking, the Knight, and the Samurai — and battle it out to come out on top as the champion. The imposing Micro Titans all include interchangeable shields and weapons that are unique to their dimension. Each Titan’s weapons and armor are illuminated by a glowing energy core, which comes in a selection of four bold colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. The Micro Titans’ core reflects their unique warrior spirit and encourages a player to step into the Vortex as the Titan they select.

Each Micro Titans Vortex game can have up to four players, and each player has a remote that connects to a Titans’ specific RC channel. Each game begins by placing your chosen warrior on a pedestal connected to the Vortex Arena. The player then starts the game by pressing down on the Titans’ head, engaging its energy core to turn on the Titan. When the player presses on the remote controls, the Titan spins quickly left or right, off its pedestal and into the ring. Don’t worry about spinning off the table! The Vortex Arena’s shape will keep your warriors in the center until a player wins the round. To win, a player must hit the chest piece of another warrior to turn off its energy core, causing its head to pop up. 

You would be surprised by the amount of strategy and skill it takes to win a battle. Spinning left and right may seem simple, but hitting the opposing player’s chest piece is a lot harder than it looks. The gameplay gets pretty intense as players try to figure out how to spin, when to spin, and what angle will knock another Titan’s shield away. It’s great for younger kids who enjoy a round of friendly competition and strategic planning. The added bonus? The Micro Titans can all be recharged with a USB. Players can get about 30 minutes of playtime out of a 30-minute charge, so the quick-paced, competitive fun can last for plenty of games. Just a warning though: The remotes are battery-powered. If you don’t have any triple-A batteries and a small screwdriver on hand, you may want to grab some. 

Each Micro Titans Vortex includes two well-designed, plastic RC battle-bots (each sold separately), interchangeable weapons and armor, two USB charging cables, two remotes with batteries included, a Vortex Battle Arena, and two adjustable starting pedestals. The kit is easy to put together and doesn’t have a lot of parts to assemble.

Overall, the concept of interdimensional warriors duking it out HEXBUG style throws a player into the world of the Micro Titans. It was invigorating to command a micro warrior and make it spin in a magical arena against other players. The illuminated armor and weapons were a great touch. Although the Micro Titans Vortex is geared toward tweens, I don’t see older kids getting into the world of these little warriors. They’re great for 8- to 10-year-olds who may be interested in battling, and for younger kids who love stepping into the role of an otherworldly hero. Check out the action in the video below!