Micro Squeezamals

Honey, I shrunk the Squeezamals!

Last year, Squeezamals were a huge part of the slow rising squishies craze, and this year, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. is shrinking the adorable plush characters down to miniature size. And let’s be real, everything’s cuter when it’s mini!

Micro Squeezamals have the same plush look and the same slow-rise squish action as the regular Squeezamals, but these mini versions can fit right in the palm of your hand, or even in your pocket, measuring in at 1.5 inches.

The tiny animals come in three-packs, with two visible Micro Squeezamals and one surprise one for kids to unbox. Blind bags are still incredibly trendy this year so the surprise factor makes this toy even more appealing to kids, adding another layer of play that elevates them from a regular plush or squishy.

Both series one and series two are out now and feature 21 quirky characters in each, including Otto the bat, Paco the elephant, Jurgen the narwhal, Cary the shark, Ethan the puffball, and more! The variety of characters makes it fun for kids to grow their collections, which is easy to do without spending a lot of money since a pack of three is only $9.99. Micro Squeezamals are tiny enough for kids to carry around with them, or to display.

The characters have embroidered faces and different textures: Some are super soft and fuzzy, some have shaggier fur, and some are metallic and leathery. They all have varying degrees of squishy-ness too. Some are more foamy while others are firmer. Either way, their hand-held size makes them perfect stress balls so even adults can snatch a few to take to work when the kids aren’t looking.

And fun bonus: Each series has its own scent! Series one Micro Squeezamals are grape scented and series two Squeezamals smell like watermelon. A watermelon scented, pocket-sized squishy narwhal named Jurgen? Love is real.

Micro Squeezamals are designed for kids ages 3 and up and are available at Target (in stores only).