Mickey Transforming Roadster Racer Provides Two Ways to Ride

Everyone’s favorite Disney mouse is revving his engine and ready to race.

Based on Disney Junior’s new, fast-paced preschool series, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, comes the fast and fun Mickey Transforming Roadster Racer R/C vehicle from Jada Toys.

Mickey Mouse races in style as he sits in his cool red Roadster. Using the steering wheel controller, kids ages 4 and up can make Mickey zip around and cruise across the floor. When kids press the horn button, the car’s horn honks and Mickey says some fun phrases. With a push of the transform button just above the horn, the car shifts into high gear as the front of the vehicle opens up to reveal a sleek-looking exhaust that adds a bit of thrill to any pretend race. Press the transform button again to close up the hood and revert the racer back to its regular form, just like Mickey’s car in the show.

The car itself is responsive and precise, so kids can start its engine and make it speed off without skipping a beat. The controller features simple left-right and up-down controls, making it easy for kids to do any moves from sharp turns to big circles. Some minor and simple assembly for the exhaust is required, but it’s as simple as attaching the panels to pegs located on the front of the car. If Mickey gets caught in a little fender-bender and one of the pieces from the front happens to pop off, parents can snap each piece back into place with ease. Mickey cannot be removed from the car, so be sure to leave him fastened in his seat.

Kids and parents should stick relatively close to the car when operating it so they can stay in range for the controller to work properly. Keeping up with Mickey as he races along provides a great way for little kids to remain active and start moving as they control the car.

Mickey Mouse is raring to go, and kids are welcome to join him for the ride.


4 and up

Manufacturer: Jada Toys
MSRP: 39.99

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