Minnie (left), Daisy (center), and Fig (right) | Source: Disney

Mickey Mouse Funhouse is an animated series on Disney Junior that follows Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy, and friends as they travel to various worlds using the magic of a sentient, talking house named Funny. This Friday, May 13, the crew is welcoming a new character to join in on their fantastical fun: Fig! 

Fig is a deaf gnome with a passion for music and drumming. In the new episode, entitled “The Music of the Seasons,” Fig and his sister Olive help Minnie Mouse and Daisy understand how he communicates. The episode will re-air throughout the month of May and the new characters will appear in upcoming episodes. 

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The addition of Fig and Olive to the series is an effort by Disney Junior to promote inclusivity and representation. It is important for deaf kids — and all kids — to see deaf characters on-screen and get a better understanding of the deaf community. Preschoolers will also learn more about American Sign Language as Mickey and Minnie sign “I love you” to the audience! 

“The Music of the Seasons” will air on Disney Junior at 8:30 a.m. E.T., as well as on the Disney Junior YouTube channel and Disney+