Tobi Smartwatches | Source: MGA Entertainment/the Toy Insider

Smartwatches and exercise trackers are all the rage, and kids want into the action! Finding a smartwatch that is kid-appropriate is perplexing for parents, but the Tobi Smartwatch from MGA Entertainment attempts to be the solution.

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch — available in either pink or blue — is an interactive kid smartwatch device that makes it fun for kids to learn time and time management and to be active with the robot’s playful personality. The screen shows a pixel face with moving arms and legs to engage kids in their new wrist friend. There are more than 100 different expressions that will keep kids giggling, dancing, playing, learning, and more with their best bud Tobi!

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There is a method to the madness: All of the engagement that Tobi provides helps to encourage kids to stay engaged and use the different features of the watch, so they continue to learn and stay active, while having fun.

In addition to the robot interaction, kids can use the two embedded cameras to take videos, photos, and selfies. Then they can add silly photo stickers. Tobi has 512 MB of memory storage so the watch can store up to 3,000 photos or 30 minutes of video.

Of course, while snapping pics and vids is a kid’s dream, parents will love the fact that Tobi can help kids learn to tell time. There is a stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, calendar, reminders, and more to make it a great way to teach kids about time management and schedules, too. There are also more than 50 watch faces from which kids can choose, so they can customize it to match their style

Tobi can also act as an exercise companio, and features different active games, such as a reality Search & Seek game, dance activity game, and more. Tobi also has a motion sensor for the built-in pedometer to keep the kiddos active. Plus, being active unlocks rewards for even more play.

The Tobi Robot Smartwatch features a kid-friendly touchscreen, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a micro-USB cable for charging and transferring photos and videos to the home computer. However, parents will love that the Tobi Smartwatch is designed to withstand children’s activities indoors and outdoors. While the watch is splashproof, it is not waterproof so make sure to remove it before swimming or taking a bath.

Tobi Smartwatch | Source: MGA Entertainment

Some kids need to build up to the concept of wearing a watch or have sensory issues, so there are three ways to play and wear the Tobi Robot Smartwatch. Kids can wear it on their wrist, attach it to their clothing using the included clip, or set it on a tabletop with the display stand (this stand also allows it to function as an alarm clock). Since the device is rather large, having different ways to wear it ensures that kids don’t give up on it because it’s uncomfortable.

Parents will also love that they can set reminders for their kids, control pairing with nearby Tobi Robot Smartwatch devices, and rely on up to five days of battery life.

What time is it? It’s Tobi Time!