Gather round for your family’s next ultimate roast this holiday season with Merry Dissmas! | Source: What Do You Meme?

If your family is going to bicker and banter over holiday dinners, you might as well make a game out of it! 

With Merry Dissmas from What Do You Meme?, loved ones can get together and playfully diss each other through a series of prewritten prompts and questions. Players can test their family or friend group trivia knowledge, but also take a few fun shots at other players along the way.

Gameplay is super easy, but the calling out starts right from the get-go: The last person who had a holiday drink from Starbucks is the first Diss-Master. They draw a diss card from from the pile and read it out loud to the group — trying to keep a straight face and to not immediately call out the person they think fits the card best. 

A sampling of cards from Merry Dissmas | Source: What Do You Meme?

Each player grabs their marker and their whiteboard and writes down the best answer to the question or prompts. Prompts range from “Who needs help just attaching a PDF to an email? This person is the most clueless when it comes to technology, to “This family member would make a terrible pilot, considering they can’t even land a joke!” 

Then it’s time to judge the answers. This is the first way that the game’s open-ended play leans into the possibility of house rules: The judge can award points based on whatever criteria they want! Funniest, grossest, cutest — no matter how the judge decides to pick, they choose their favorite response and the player who wrote it earns a point. The game ends when a player wins 10 cards — or gets fed up with being called out. Got yourself a tie-breaker? That’s up to you to decide how to handle it.

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This game is great for families and friends looking to get together and laugh out loud at their next gathering. It allows for gentle — or not so gentle — disses that will test the group’s knowledge and their patience. The cards and packaging have an Ugly-Sweater-style design to them, making this game the perfect addition to your themed holiday party with friends or family this year. 

So, don your own ugly sweaters, pour yourself a cup of something cozy and warm, and then alienate all of your loved ones through sick burns with Merry Dissmas, your new favorite holiday game.