If you’ve got a household in which some of the members love board games, while others prefer puzzles, a great compromise activity is Puzzle Match from Wowopolis. Suitable for ages 3 and up, this series of games features the play mechanics of the classic board game, Memory, with players taking turns flipping tiles and trying to match them. However, this time around, the tiles are jigsaw puzzle pieces that connect to form larger pictures.

Puzzle Match has already been released under different themes including Alphabet Train, in which half the pieces feature a letter of the alphabet, while their respective matches have animals beginning with the same letter. Each match results in an illustrated creature riding atop a train car. There’s also The Pet Shop, in which the pieces connect to form pictures of bunnies, cats, fish, and more. It’s slightly more difficult than Alphabet Train, thanks to each match being composed of not two, but three tiles; however, it’s still fun and mentally stimulating. As a bonus, after matching up all the tiles, players can connect them to form one big jigsaw puzzle picture.