Having a meltdown is not supposed to be fun. But PlayMonster is making meltdowns cooler than ever with its new game, Meltdown, designed for kids ages 7 and up.

It’s a stacking and balancing game, kind of like Jenga, except more innovative because there’s slimy stuff involved! 

To play, kids can start by molding the mysterious, toxic-green goop into any shape they want. This is going to act as the foundation to balance the platform and cubes on top of the tower, so it’s up to the players how challenging they want to make it. Then, kids can place the flat platform on top of the goop and roll the die. Two or more players will take turns rolling the die to see how many cubes they have to stack on top of the balancing platform. The squishy goop makes the platform shift precariously as more and more cubes pile up. Just like in life, pile it on until there’s a MELTDOWN! Any cubes that fall off during a player’s turn get added to that player’s cube pile. The first person to get all of their cubes onto the platform successfully is the winner!

The game is pretty fast-paced because the die only goes up to three, meaning that no more than three cubes get added to the platform at a time. The fun of it is all in the unpredictable, shifting goop — the platform might be totally stable one second and sliding away the next, so all the cubes can come crashing down in an instant.

The difficulty levels are customizable, making it fun for different age groups. Kids on the younger side can make the game easier by keeping the putty on the flatter side so that it doesn’t shift as quickly. Players who want more of a challenge can mold the putty into wacky shapes and take chances stacking their cubes higher to push their luck.

Kids can also play with the putty on its own, outside of the game. It’s super stretchy but a little bit firm, too, making it addicting to squish and squeeze. It comes with its own container so kids can store it in between game sessions so that it doesn’t dry out. And it’s not sticky at all.

Avoid real-life meltdowns and make game night more fun with this kind of Meltdown!