Melody Mates, from Juzt 4 Kidz, are a soft and comforting way for kids to get some much-needed rest after a day of learning and play. These adorable plush cushions feature a 3-D animal friend with arms that hold a detachable cozy blanket. When kids or parents press the button in the corner of the cushion, enchanting LED lights glow gently, and sweet, melodious lullabies help little ones drift off to sleep.

Melody Mates are suitable for kids of all ages and are available in six adorable animal versions: Cow, Duck, Frog, Giraffe, Monkey, and my favorite—Penguin. Products with detachable elements are always more fun, because it’s like getting two items in one. Kids love these kinds of things, and they are more special when they’re multi-purpose.

The lullabies that play on Melody Mates are soothing and sleep-inducing, and the plush even plays one of my favorite songs of all time, Pachabel’s Canon in D. Melody Mates feature auto cutoff after 16 minutes of tunes, which is great for giving kids a deep, uninterrupted sleep. Moms will also love that the cushion is removable, allowing Melody Mates to get washed as often as they need to be.

Any parent that has a tough sleeper can appreciate a soothing toy that helps kids with the bedtime process. Melody Mates are a great way to get kids relaxed, wound down, and off to dreamland.