Rock Out with Melody Jams

When we talk about educational apps, we’re usually talking about apps that focus on STEM learning; ones that trick kids into learning basic math or reading through digital play. But Melody Jams is a new app that focuses on teaching kids all about music. By putting kids in different jam band situations, Melody Jams features freestyle gameplay that lets kids learn the basics of how different instruments sound individually, and how they sound together. Then, kids can join in on the fun to become little rock stars in training.

Kids start off in The Garage and put together a jam band—you know, like how most rock stars start off. They can select from different adorable musical monsters and drag and drop them into the band. As kids add each character, they hear the sound that their instrument plays layer on top of the song the band is playing. As they swap out monsters, they get different sounds, so kids can experiment as they learn different instruments—as well as the difference between different categories of instruments.


Once they have their jam band set, kids can choose from a bunch of different instruments and play along with the game. They can select from a piano, drums, and a xylophone (probably my favorite jam instrument), and play their own melodies with their jam band. I built a band with a groovy purple bass player, a one-eyed sassy guitarist, an adorable tambourine player with pigtails, a rocking drummer with a bob, and my favorite little monster with the synthesizer who is everything that everyone loved about the ’80s. There are 11 monsters to choose from in The Garage, giving little aspiring rock stars plenty of options.


In addition to The Garage, Melody Jams will soon introduce new jam tours, such as The Big Show, Mars Disco, Funky Town, and more. These new jams will feature new characters and instruments, so kids can have fun exploring different musical genres through the app’s original music.
Designed for kids ages 4 and up, the app’s freestyle play encourages a ton of imagination and creativity. While the additional Jam Tours will cost $0.99 to download, they’re worth the purchase, allowing kids to explore multiple worlds of cute monsters and their instruments. The Garage tour allows for many combinations, but kids who want the music to keep on rolling will definitely benefit from the additional worlds.



Manufacturer: Melody Jams
MSRP: Free (with addition Jam Tour available for $0.99 each)

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