Mattel’s MEGA Chase’s City Police Cruiser lets kids join the PAW Patrol crew! | Source: Mattel

Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, they’ll be there on the double — and now, kids can be there too! With Mattel’s MEGA Chase’s City Police Cruiser, kids can construct their own version of Chase’s city police cruiser, motorcycle, and headquarters, all inspired by the Paw Patrol movie!  

Designed for junior builders three and up, this building blocks set uses Mattel’s MEGA Bloks building toys, which not only are compatible with other MEGA Bloks sets, but also other building blocks toys. Kids can start out with Chase’s police cruiser and then add on with other blocks they already have. The building opportunities are endless! 

This set comes with 30 mini-building blocks, a poseable Chase figure, and other special pieces. Kids can build Chase’s city cruiser and place him in the driver’s seat, ready to protect Adventure Bay. Then, they can detach Chase’s cruiser motorcycle from his car for a high-speed chase. Lastly, kids can drive Chase back to the pup’s headquarters for his next mission. 

Kids can build Chase’s cruiser, motorcycle, and the pup’s headquarters! | Source: Mattel

With its little pieces, MEGA Chase’s City Police Cruiser is the perfect toy to help kids develop their fine motor and problem solving skills in a fun way. Paw Patrol fans won’t even realize they’re learning while they work to construct their favorite pup’s car. 

Parents should keep in mind that the set is full of teeny pieces that are easy to lose. I’d recommend playing on a flat surface. Although this set can be hard to transport, it would be a great toy for rainy days at the beach or long commutes in the airport. When kids are done, parents can help them clean up to ensure that little pieces don’t run away.

Kids may also need some help building the set for the first few times since the pieces can get stuck together. Parents can also alleviate some of the stress of building by incorporating storytelling. Consider coming up with a story together to pass the time, or play the PAW Patrol movie in the background and act out some of the scenes. 

Because the set is compatible with other building blocks, the thrill of building never ends. Kids can create other versions of Chase’s cruiser by adding other sets — I’d personally love to see a Paw Patrol and My Little Pony collab. Kids can be as creative as they want, coming up with new storylines and new building sets. 

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At only $19.99, the MEGA Chase’s City Police Cruiser is an affordable option for little Paw Patrol fans. Kids can join Chase on all his rescue missions and feel like one of the crew — whenever there’s a problem ‘round Adventure Bay, kids can build Chase’s City Police Cruiser to save the day!