With school starting soon, the Mega Bloks First Builders Schoolhouse from Mattel is a great way to learn!

Whether it is a preview of school to come or a way to feel connected to school-aged siblings, this 40-piece block set lets toddlers play and build.

This set is actually refresh from the Mega Bloks First Builders Schoolhouse Friends set from a couple of years ago. This modernized schoolhouse set includes 40 big building blocks that make it easy for little hands to hold the pieces. Plus, the connection points are large to assist with connecting the pieces together, enabling kids to develop their fine-motor and spatial recognition skills.

Although there are many block sets designed for toddlers on store shelves, this set stands out with its simple interactivity. The included owl and raccoon are fun friends to go to school. Plus, if you put one of the friends on the rolling school bus, it activates its peek-a-boo surprise. This is a fun cause-and-effect learning opportunity for tots.

Kids can also press down on the characters’ button to tuck in their arms to turn them into little balls that roll and use the include slides to send them tumbling by pressing on the lever. It is a fun way to work on simple science concepts, as well as various motor skills.

The set is designed for toddlers ages 1 and up, but can definitely grow with them — and when kids actually do outgrow these block sets, Mattel recycles them! The Blocks and Bricks Recycling Program turns old Mega Bloks into picnic tables, park benches, and more. The pieces in this set are also compatible with other Mega Bloks sets, like the Mega Bloks Woodland Friends, a new set on the market that is made from plant-based plastics.

In the meantime, little ones can build and grow while learning with this school-based set that is big on fun!

This set will be available this fall at major retailers!