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There’s only eight more days until the Minions movie hits theaters, and the only thing that has me more excited about the movie are all of the awesome toys to go along with it.

Mega Blocks, from Mega Brands, has just come out with a very extensive Minions line of exclusive buildable play sets based on the upcoming movie. One of my favorites from the line has to be the Minions Supervillain Jet, coming out in August, where troublemakers Kevin and Stuart take to the skies to fly this despicable plane.

This photo is just RADIATING mischief.
This photo is just RADIATING mischief.

Kids can take the movie magic and relive the fun from their favorite scenes. This set in particular has a lot more play value than a typical construction set because it has tons of movable parts and characters to go along with it! Kids can directly interact with it, giving a fully immersive experience to all fans.

This fully buildable, 472-piece jet has an open cockpit and canopy, working ejector seat, two side launchers, and a trap door for quick escapes—PLUS a chord that attaches to the Minion characters so they rappel down to safety. Kids can also unleash one of the jet’s side launchers or send a pilot flying out of a working ejector seat.

One of my favorite parts about this set are the little Minion characters that come with it. Kevin and Suart are included in the set, and others are available for purchase. But, they come with interchangeable parts, so kids can mix and match their outfits, goggles, hair, arms, and feet to customize their minions completely themselves!

I had so much fun building this set, and when I was done, I was literally glowing because it had to have been one of the best construction sets that I have ever built (six-year-old me would be so jealous of current me right now). Best of all, all Mega Bloks Minions play sets are compatible with one another, so kids can collect and combine with other sets in the line to wreak their own Minion havoc.

My best advice for you dear readers is to take ALL of the pieces out of their packages and organize them right away (is my OCD showing yet?). It will be SO worth it because there are so many pieces that you won’t be wasting time rummaging through different plastic bags and trying to remember where some pieces are. And trust me, you won’t want to be wasting time when there is so much play value with this set when it’s fully built.

Long story short, this set is everything you could ever need and more. Fans of all ages will love this Minions Supervilain Jet as much as I did!