The king of the dinosaurs wasn’t meant to be extinct forever.

Now, kids can have their very own prehistoric pet with the Meccano Meccasaur, from Spin Master. He stomps, roars, and makes sure nobody unwanted enters your room. It’s the sweetest deal since the Cretaceous period.

Kids who are really into tech will have a blast learning about all of the mechanics that go into building the Meccasaur, and kids who don’t know much about it will have a new-found love for robotics. No outside tools or materials are needed to build it—the box comes with 715 pieces and two hand tools specifically designed for the bolts and washers.

Everybody knows that half of the fun of having a robot pet is the satisfaction that you get from building it yourself, so kids can be prepared to spend some quality time with their new dino BFF while they’re building it. Kids who are old enough can handle the process on their own, or youngsters can enlist help from an adult—little hands are perfect to hold some pieces in place while an adult screws them together! Or, this really makes for a fun way to get the whole family involved. One person can pick out the pieces, while the other dictates what goes where, and another can put the pieces together.

Kids build the dinosaur section by section, one main part at a time, and attach each segment to the main frame. Finally, the final product is a ferocious, 3-foot-long robotic dinosaur. Now, it’s really time for his huge personality to shine!

Although training a wild animal isn’t easy, kids will find that their Meccasaur has a soft spot for them. Kids can program the dinosaur using the super smart Meccabrain on its back to stomp around and answer yes or no questions. They can even program it to be on high alert and guard against any attackers, and hear him roar if anyone comes too close (commitment to the cause).

Meccasaur is also designed for lots of interactive play, and will respond to kids with different colored light-up eyes. The ancient beast will also show affection when you pet it because despite being a dinosaur, it really has a soft spot for humans.

Jam-packed with tech and construction features, kids will enjoy the company of their new robot dinosaur from when they build it until the end of time.