It’s the dreaded two words that makes every parent cringe: I’m bored. Well, not anymore.

Mebo, from Skyrocket Toys, is the robot toy that can quite literally do it all. Mebo talks, moves, records, and can even pick up and place down items. Before I get too ahead of myself, let me break it down for you.

Before Mebo is ready for action, kids must set up a special WiFi just for Mebo. It will require a name and password that will be used each time kids play with Mebo. What I’m saying is, write it down somewhere so it’s not a 20-minute game of Guess Who? every time kids want to use their robotic friend. That being said, if a password cannot be retrieved, there is a trouble-shooting button on the bottom of Mebo that reboots the robot so that a new WiFi password and username can be set up. Long story short, just remember the darn password.

Now, it’s time for some fun. There’s no denying that Mebo is one smart cookie, but the real mastermind behind the bot is its owner. Once kids download the app on their smart device and connect to the WiFi, they’ll see the world from Mebo’s point of view. They’ll be able to send Mebo off on adventures throughout the house and control his every move, all while they sit snug in bed. We can even take things one step further and connect through the internet so that kids can control Mebo from anywhere and at any time. The possibilities are endless.

Little sleuths will be able to send Mebo into dark corners and hidden nooks to spy on their siblings and then watch the scene unfold in front of them on the app. When big sis is caught going through her older sibling’s drawers, Mebo can record a video or take pictures for proof. For the especially lazy child who can’t be bothered with going down the hall to ask what’s on the menu for dinner (same, to be honest), owners can speak into the microphone or record a message on their device to have Mebo relay a message for them. Or, if kids want to keep their identity a secret, they can even give Mebo’s voice a disguise as well as make funny sound effects (read: fart noise).

That’s not all. Mebo also has a specially designed claw that kids can control in order to make the arm extend up or down, as well as open and close the claw. Now, parents don’t have to worry about their kid bugging them to get them a soda from the kitchen. Using the drive mode in the app, kids can send Mebo into the kitchen, and then carefully control the arm and claw so that it is in just the right position to clench the soda and bring it back. Mission accomplished.

Some objects are certainly a lot easier for Mebo to get a good hold on than others. Unlike us humans, Mebo doesn’t have five fingers, but instead one claw. So, as long as he is able to clamp on to an object and fit it in it’s grip, then he’s good to go. That being said, it’s probably best to keep Mebo away from mom’s good china.

I’ll admit, it’s is a bit pricey, but the laundry list of all things this robot can do goes on and on. If kids are looking for a best friend, butler, prankster, partner-in-crime, and more, look no further then Mebo, from Skyrocket Toys.