Goal: $12,400
Funding Period: Until March 9, 2017
Creator: Mime Industries

MeArm Pi, from Mime Industries, is a robot kit designed to teach people of all ages about technology, engineering, and programming. Made for kids ages 11 and up, MeArm Pi is a robot arm kit powered by Raspberry Pi, a low-cost computer developed to make leaning computing accessible.

The MeArm Pi can be controlled with joysticks, or kids can learn coding using one of several programs operable on the Raspberry Pi. All the necessary software is free and ranges from beginner programmers to advanced. It can even be controlled from a web browser.

The kits come with everything that’s needed, including a hex key, which is the only tool required to assemble. There are two kit options, one including the Raspberry Pi, and one without if kids want to use their own Pi. There are both blue and orange options to choose from.

Kickstarter donations range from $31 to $2,247 and prizes a standard MeArm Pi kit, a kit with a Raspberry Pi, and distributor packs. The early bird prizes are no longer available. 

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