Who is ready to build a whole new world? Let’s roll out the the Mayka Tape.

Now you might be looking at this review and rolling your eyes. TAPE? Kids want exciting play sets, such as Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage, interactive dolls such as Luvabella, or fun electronics such as Chippies—not tape! But before you close out, hear me out. This tape is pretty neat-o and the complete opposite of the flimsy tape securing that The Last Jedi poster of yours right now. This is Mayka Tape by Zuru; this is tape you build with.

This heavy-duty colorful tape lays out in thick strips, populated with pegs, goes on surfaces allowing kids to build in unique locations. It instantly transforms on virtually any surface into a base for construction toy bricks and figures. On one side of the tape, there is a bendable, flexible surface with a toy block pattern. This side is compatible with LEGO toys and other major toy construction brands and can be cut to any desired size. The other side, or as I like to say “the sticky side,” has a reusable adhesive backing to allow our little builders to construct on nearly any object, around corners, and on curved surfaces to make 3-D creations. The tape can easily be cut with scissors, comes in more than 10 different colors, and is available in three sizes.

Because of this tape’s durability, kids can constructs a wide range of structures. Attach this tape to the ceiling, the floor, or as Lil Jon would say “to the windows, to the wall.” This tape is magical. Don’t just lay it out flat, but instead cut it up and make a zig-zag road for cars to drive on. Because Mayka Tape is compatible with LEGO, KRE-O, and all other leading toy block brands, it opens up so many options for kids. They can use this tape to expand and improve upon already existing sets in new and innovative ways. For example, kids can add ramps or bridges to their LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Treehouse, or stick compatible figurines to the wall. While it may just look like a roll of tape, it can prompt creative and strategic thinking. “How can I use this tape?” “What can I build with this?’ “If I stick this tape from A to B, will it hold?”

Mayka Tape is made from premium non-toxic silicone that’s non-marking, flexible and safe (!!!). It is best used on clean, flat, non-porous surfaces such as plastic and glass. Attaching it to a painted surface may wear away at the paint. 

Where will your kids be rolling out their building tape? I’m excited to see what they come up with!