MaxTowTruckToy cars and trucks are classic and affordable toys, and they are great for gift toppers or rewarding kids for good behavior. While most kids probably already have a collection of mini trucks scattered around your living room floor for you to trip over, these teeny toys provide hours of engaging and imaginative play. And now, Jakks Pacific is revving up mini vehicles in a cool new way—and they are doing it without any batteries.

The Max Mini Rev ‘n Tow is part of a line extension of the super popular Max Tow Truck, which can push or pull up to 200 pounds with the push of a button. The mini haulers are a fraction of the size of the original, and don’t require a single battery to push or pull up to 25 times their weight. Each truck also comes with a flatbed that kids can stack with other toys or small objects to show off Max’s strength. Two sets are currently available: a red truck with four barrel accessories, or a blue truck with four orange cones.

Max runs on kid-power, so the harder they push him forward or backward, the faster and farther the truck travels. It can even defy gravity when placed on a steel surface, such as a filing cabinet or a washing machine, mesmerizing kids as it climbs up or down without falling off.

A great toy to kick-off the summer travel season, Max Tow fits easily in a bag for on-the-go fun. See it in action: