Crush and Conquer With Max Cliff Climber


I’ve heard of all-wheel-drive, but claw-wheel-drive is news to me.

Designed for kids ages 6 and up, the Max Cliff Climber from Jakks Pacific is a formidable four-wheeled truck that can push, pull, and climb its way over the toughest terrain using some seriously unique wheels. Included in the box is one Max Cliff Climber truck, one wheelie bar, one plastic locking bolt, an instruction booklet, and two wheels that adults will have to snap into place before play time can commence.

Before kids can begin, they’ll need to assemble a few parts. They can start by snapping in the wheelie bar and locking bolt, and fastening the two of the four wheels into their axels.

The Max Cliff Climber is a mean looking tow truck. Featuring a vibrant green paint job, the vehicle sports claw decals on each side and a sharp-toothed smile as a front fender. A spiky orange siren, an intimidating windshield, and thick imposing wheels complete the look. It’s the baddest of the bad.towingKids can enjoy the Max Cliff Climber in a variety of ways. In push and pull mode, kids can let their four-wheeler show off its strength as it pushes or pulls up to 100 pounds. (Yes, you read that right.) And for maximum efficiency, kids can twist the rear wheel hubs to reveal claw-like rubber wheels. These wheels feature the ultimate traction power (and some silicone teeth), which allows the vehicle to grip and tug its way over the toughest terrain. A rope or cord is required for towing, so young ones will have to ask for a parent’s help when setting up their first tow.climbingThe split and grip wheels the Max Cliff Climbers sports can also be used to climb over and across objects that stand in its way. Kids will have a blast creating various obstacles for their vehicle to conquer.

And to top it all off, Cliff also says 50 different phrases and sound effects that make play time that much more fun for kids.



Manufacturer: Jakks Pacific
MSRP: 59.99

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