The new Wonder Woman film inspired by the DC Universe hits theaters next week, and marks the first superhero movie in more than a decade to feature a female as its title character. There’s no better ferocious warrior to pave the way for kick-butt female heroines than Wonder Woman: strong, confident, and the essence of all that is #GirlPower

Until the film’s much-anticipated release, Mattel is fueling our crave for battle with its new line of Wonder Woman dolls and role-play accessories. The separately sold dolls are available in different styles, representing Diana’s many personalities and have features that boast her muscle and strength.

The Bow-Wielding Wonder Woman Doll shows off her Amazonian roots in this 12-inch fashion doll. Donned in her beach-training outfit—equipped with a plastic skirt and top, as well as brown gladiator sandals—she carries a working bow and arrow. With her hair tied back in a thick braid and her game face on, there is nothing that will stand in her way.

The doll also features a button on her back, which will move her right arm to fire the arrow. The set has three arrows to help her take down her enemies. Additionally, Diana features a fully rotatable left arm, and a right arm and legs that move. Her knees also bend to allow her to get in a battle stance before firing arrows.

The 12-inch Shield Block Wonder Woman Doll wears her classic battle suit and headband, armbands, boots, belt, sword, and clip-on shield. The doll features posable arms and legs, which allow her to perform epic battle moves. When kids push her body down, her legs bend into a lunge, her neck tilts downwards, and she raises her arms in a shield block.

The Battle-Ready Wonder Woman Doll is similar in dress and accessories, but instead of a shield and sword, she carries the Lasso of Truth. Additionally, the 12-inch doll features posable arms and legs and her outfit has shimmery details.

The action figure dolls also come in a set that includes the loyal sidekick, Pegasus. The Wonder Woman and Horse set features a 12-inch doll and black horse armored for battle. The posable Wonder Woman doll is dressed in her classic outfit and black-hooded cape, and carries her sword and shield. The warrior can ride atop her horse, which has a dark black tail and mane full of hair.

Kids can also pair Wonder Woman with her mother, with the Queen Hippolyta and Horse set. The queen is dressed in her warrior outfit with gold armor and detailing, and rides atop her white horse that features a blonde tail and mane.

Little warriors-in-training can also put their talent to the test with the DC Comics Wonder Woman Hero Action Bow. The set features the movie images and colors, and can fire one or three darts at a time. The bow comes with six darts so that kids can take down their enemies in true superhero style.

The Wonder Woman line from Mattel will get everyone pumped for the newest DC Universe installment, and keep kids entertained long after the credits role.