Get ready to travel back in time with Mattel’s Cave Club, featuring Rockelle and her dinosaur pal, Tyrasaurus! 

Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Rockelle and her BFF Tyrasaurus guarantee a plentiful period of prehistoric play! Rockelle is one of five members of the Cave Club — the coolest group of kids growing up alongside dinosaurs. Her bendable limbs, brightly colored features, and curly hair (just waiting to be styled) make her an interesting and fun doll to enjoy on her own or with her raptor friend. 

Tyrasaurus is definitely not as threatening as her name suggests. Her blue skin is decorated with pink hearts, and her long eyelashes and big smile make her look extra friendly, even if she is a vicious T. rex. The two can certainly be enjoyed separately for individual play, but the real magic of the toy occurs when they come together. 

Tyrasaurus comes fitted with a removable, purple saddle that is perfect for Rockelle to hop on. Her knees bend so she sits comfortably on the dinosaur and her legs clip onto the sides, ensuring that she stays on throughout the bumpiest of rides. There is also room for another Cave Club doll (sold separately) to ride behind her! This simple mechanism makes it so easy for kids to enjoy the doll and the dinosaur together as they go on adventures through time. 

After riding around for a while, Rockelle and Tyrasaurus might just be ready for a snack break. Luckily, this toy also includes accessories for the pair to wear, use, or munch on. Rockelle can feed Tyrasaurus a turkey leg or a bunch of grapes while enjoying a drink herself. The food items each feature a handle that wraps around Rockelle’s hand so she can hold the items by herself! Like the straps on the saddle, the handles are extremely easy to use, guaranteeing fuss-free and versatile play.

When it is time to eat, kids can press down a spike on the back of Tyrasaurus’s head and watch her mouth open wide. f kids’ fingers get caught in the dino’s seemingly sharp teeth, don’t worry: She is very gentle for a dinosaur, and it won’t hurt at all. 

The set also includes a pink hairbrush to tame curls, strands, or manes. Rockelle’s long, blue-and-green hair can be brushed and styled to kids’ liking. Tyrasaurus also comes with a circle of purple curls on her head that kids can brush through. Kids can then decorate their masterpiece with one of two hair clips included. The besties can even match with their brushed out curls and pink hair accessories. Then, kids can take out the hairstyles and start all over again!

Overall, the Cave Club duo offers multiple opportunities for creative and imaginative play that any dinosaur or doll lover can enjoy for centuries. Kids can add other Cave Club members to their collection for even more adventures with Tyrasaurus. Just watch out for meteors!