A fast and furiously fun game from Foxmind | Source: Foxmind/The Toy Insider

If you are looking for a speed game that is fast to play, then definitely consider the new Match Madness Duo from Foxmind.

This game is a follow-up to the popular Match Madness game. However, this version is designed for one or two players and is a quick-play game. This game is unique in the category because there are opportunities for solo play, so players can pick up the game and briefly play without committing to hours of gaming. Alternatively, a player can match against another player for play up to 20 minutes — and for more of a competitive challenge.

The game is designed for kids ages 8 and up, but there are ways to introduce the game to younger kids around the age of 5 by removing the gameplay concept and using simple cues and challenges to work on patterning and sequencing skills.

This game works on a variety of skills. | Source: Foxmind

There are 60 challenges within the game and all have the added benefit of working on fine motor skills, logical thinking, and observation. Each player takes a set of five blocks. One player flips a pattern card from the included card deck to reveal the pattern. The first player that makes and matches the card pattern with their blocks is the winner! If playing solo, a player can try to time themselves and see if they can improve their time each turn.

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This game is one of those great gifts to bring to a birthday party when you do not know what the birthday child’s interests are. Kids will have fun with it, and parents will appreciate the educational aspect. It is also a great gift to donate to charity as well as to have on hand at a grandparent’s house for those grandchildren visits! Kids over the age of 3 may just want to play with the blocks and see what patterns they can make or how they can stack the blocks, while a single kid can play by themselves or engage with other siblings, cousins, and more!

This game may be called Match Madness Duo, but you won’t need a duo-ver if you gift this game this holiday season and beyond.