wear ems basic fun

It’s fun to play with squishy toys and feel that tactile material — and now, with Basic Fun!’s Mash’Ems Wear’Ems collectibles, kids can take that squishy feeling on-the-go, all while looking quite chic in the process.

Series one of the collectibles brings together squishy fashion fun with the cuteness of animal collectibles. Wear’Ems arrive in pink sparkly heart-shaped dome containers, and when kids flip the lid open, they will reveal a mystery label that indicates which hidden bonus figure is inside.

There are 24 animal collectibles in total that kids can wear and share. The characters are available in common, rare, and ultra-rare themes. Kids can collect an assortment of charismatic creatures, such as Nancy the narwhal, Lucky Fluff the unicorn, and Foxy the cat.

Each Wear’Em features the same squish as other Mash’Ems from Basic Fun!, but can be stretched into cute, pastel-colored accessories to complete any fashion look. The included collector’s guide shares four ways to wear these animals, such as a ponytail holder, a ring, a band around your phone, or a toe ring.

In the spirit of a complete test for research purposes, I sought to discover all the ways kids can wear their Wear’Ems. And truly, anything goes. In addition their examples listed above, kids can stretch their Wear’Em into bracelets, anklets, and so much more. With two collectible characters in each jewel box, there is no limit to the types of accessories you can mix and match.

Keep in mind that the stretchy material can only go so far — for example, the band may be a tad too small to properly stay around larger phones without any extra give around the elastic. After each use, the collectibles return to its original shape, and then kids can repurpose and reuse the different characters over and over again in new ways.

These collectibles do make adorable jewelry — and to be perfectly honest, Lainey the lamb is my new favorite ring. In between accessorizing, kids can squish each figure for that satisfying touch.

Combining the tactile sensation of touching a squishy with cute animal-themed jewelry, Wear’Ems are the perfect solution to accessorizing your look.