Although they may be small, Jakks Pacific‘s line of Marvel Tsum Tsum collectibles are super mighty.

Series one of the Marvel Tsum Tsum vinyl collectibles features 20 pint-sized versions of kids’ favorite superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe,  including Iron Man, Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Thor, Black Widow, and more.

Each character comes in three sizes—small, medium, and large—and each three-pack of Marvel Tsum Tsums comes with one character of each size. The smallest size is my favorite because it’s an unspoken rule of life that anything mini is automatically super adorable—and they are literally the size of my thumb nail! (And, Black Widow’s hair is forever #onfleek, even in the smallest size.)

Fans will immediately notice the impeccable attention detail in each figure. Even the teeny tiny small sizes have as much design as their larger counterparts. The 3-D features on the superhero or villains’ costumes give it an extra thoughtful touch, but none of it gets in the way of what Tsum Tsums are best known for: stacking.

Kids can keep track of their collectibles with the included Tsum Tsum Collector Guide included in any pack. The guide also highlights which figures are common, lucky, or super lucky. True to the collectible craze, kids will build up their own collections and trade their duplicates.

Of course, the series wouldn’t be complete without Jakks’ Tsum Tsum mystery packs. These blind packs feature one medium-sized surprise Marvel Tsum Tsum with an accessory. So, Iron Man comes with an iron fist that he can sit on, and Spider-Man stacks on top of a web with a spider on it. Blind bags give the extra excitement of not knowing what character kids will open up next.

Marvel Tsum Tsum Series two is on the horizon, along with so many more Tsum Tsum items coming out from Jakks this fall, such as an Advent calendar and giant Mickey Portable Play Case (a giant Tsum Tsum to hold all of your little Tsum Tsums), this holiday season definitely won’t stack up to others!