Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game, from Upper Deck, is a deck building game set in the Marvel Universe. It gives players the chance to recruit heroes and defeat villains, masterminds, and evil schemes. It features beautiful, never-before-seen art of characters such as Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Superhero lovers, I’m looking right at you!

For deck building game novices, this card game challenges players to strategically build a strong deck during the game to defeat opponents and reign supreme. And, in true Marvel fashion, Legendary takes things a step further than typical deck builders—this game actually fights back, putting every player at risk and empowering the Evil Mastermind.

This game fuses tons of Marvel worlds, allowing your favorite superheroes to fight alongside one another. (Where else can you find the Avengers, X-Men, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents kicking evil’s butt all in one place?!) Plus, there are additional expansion packs for purchase to add more characters to the mix, such as those from Guardians of the Galaxy. The game will be different every single time you play, with different heroes, villains, masterminds, and schemes, so there is a lot of additional value.

Like all games, the easiest way to understand the rules is to start playing and iron out the details along the way. The game is for one to five players, so you can ride solo or play cooperatively or competitively as a team.

The object of the game is to successfully defeat the Evil Mastermind four times (because when is once ever enough?). Players must work together to do so, but defeating villains and rescuing bystanders along the way will allow each player to rack up some Victory Points. If the mastermind is defeated, then the player with the most Victory Points is the most legendary hero of all and the individual winner (cue the deceit and conspiring against one another).

To set up the game, players must choose a mastermind villain, such as Magneto, Loki, and Dr. Doom, and stack that villain’s attack cards underneath it. Players then choose a hero deck, and over the course of the game they will recruit powerful hero cards to build a stronger deck. Players need to build both their recruitment powers (to enlist more heroes) and their fighting ability (to combat villains). The villain deck contains cards (which are controlled by the game by chance) that take bonus actions against the heroes.

The game gets very detailed, such as being able to get wounded and heal wounds, having special abilities, and knocking out certain cards. To engage in battle against the Evil Mastermind, a player must have enough fighting power to claim one of the attack cards beneath the villainous foe. If all the cards are claimed, then the game ends. But, if the mastermind’s scheme is completed, such as having a certain number of villains escape or imposing a certain number of wounds on the heroes, then the players all lose (womp, womp).

With more than 550 cards and thirty minutes to an hour of gameplay for each game, Legendary is a must-have game for all superhero fans!