Man Bites DogAs a journalist and a board game fanatic (I know, the suitors are just knockin’ down my door), Man Bites Dog, from University Games, feels strangely like it was made for me (I also love dogs).

This witty card game challenges players ages 8 and up to create wacky headlines by putting single-word cards together. Each player is dealt five cards featuring verbs, adjectives, and nouns and must put together as many headlines as he or she can to create a headline worth the most points. Playing an “Exclusive” card makes the headline double in point value. The first player to earn 500 points is the winner, and each card is valued in increments of five, making scoring super easy for younger kids (and journalists).

This game is one that is truly funny and had the whole table erupting in bouts of laughter. There were a few headlines that were just gems, such as “Indicted Governor Runs off with DNA,” and “340 lb. Priest Attacks Thousands,” (120 points), but it’s up to the players to decide whether or not a headline is structurally sound enough to be considered worthy (so don’t play this game with journalists).

Each card is designed perfectly to resemble a newspaper page, and the box is small enough to take on the go to a friend’s house. A great game for parties or just a night-in with the family, Man Bites Dog is sure to inspire the gonzo spirit in all players.