Make Writing Fun with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game


Goal: $22,000
Funding Period: Until on November 23
Creator: Story Club Games LLC

Bring the power of storytelling through fun and witty world play and let your kid’s imagination run wild with Story Craze: The Crazy Story Game.

Story Craze is a new educational storytelling board game that lets kids unleash their imagination while creating outrageously laugh-out loud stories.

The game consists of four decks of cards categorized as People, Places, Things, and Judges that teams use to write a three-chapter story. To start, the game one member of each team must draw a card from the People, Places and Things decks, grab a pencil and a sheet from the story pad to create Chapter 1 of their team’s story. All of the categories must be incorporated in the 10 minute brainstorming session. When time runs out, the teams read their chapters out loud and reenact their story in front of a judge, who then chooses the winner based on which chapter is most like the card. The winning team is awarded one point, and the teams repeat this process for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. A new judge is selected for each Chapter reading. If there is a tie, then a fourth tie-breaker round will be played.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $229 and prizes for supporters include a Story Craze writing pad with 9 People, Places, and Things preselected cards, and a full version of Story Craze. A customized deck of 20 cards, a coloring book, exclusive character designs and game artwork from gamer artist Matt Franklin are additional prizes for donors. Supporters are encouraged to submit ideas for the final version of the game, and may receive extra copies of the game to give to a friend, a child in need, or donate to a youth group program or a classroom.

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  1. Thank you for posting Sara! We are continuing to take pre-orders of Story Craze at We have found the game to be a great addition to homeschooling, afterschool programs, camps, parties and just plain old family fun! Kids are amazing creative thinkers, so they’re a natural for story writing and storytelling! 🙂


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