Lena Breyer: The Toy Insider Kid Lena and her buddy Nico had a blast with Maisto Tech‘s Sonic Thunder. There are five different realistic sound effects that can be heard when the trigger is pulled. The sounds of the planes zooming instantly made the kids want to fly the planes around the room, which is precisely what they did once I stopped the camera. It’s not a quiet time toy, and it actually promotes physical play as evidenced by the children running around the house with the planes. It wasn’t easy to get them to stand still for the 58 seconds it took to film this video. Each plane comes with two missiles with suction cups, which Lena proceeded to stick on everything in the room. The kids also found the planes to be easily detachable from the control grip, but had more fun leaving it attached so they could trigger the sound effects and missiles while playing. I recommend creating a target or designated area where younger kids can shoot the missiles, as they actually travel pretty far, so that they are not lost under a couch or refrigerator.