MailPop Letter Contents | Source: MailPop/the Toy Insider

Not much beats the excitement of waiting for something to arrive in the mail. For kids, the expectation is usually limited to letters from Santa and birthday cards.

With MailPop, kids ages 5 and up can receive mail personally addressed to them on a weekly basis — with toys included! Take that, Santa!

Each MailPop letter comes with an educational, colorful newsletter designed according to that week’s allocated theme. The front of the newsletter describes the content for that week and includes questions to help reinforce kids’ knowledge of topics ranging from outer space to the rain forest. The back of the newsletter features an activity sheet with various games, such as tic-tac-toe, mazes, and word searches.

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To make the experience even more interactive, MailPop includes a paper craft 3D toy that enhances each week’s theme. Kids can construct the toys throughout the week, building up a collection that grows along with their knowledge!

MailPop offers a month-to-month plan, as well as packages to keep kids entertained year-round. The month-to-month plan is priced at $6 per week, the 3-month plan at $5.50 per week, the 6-month plan at $5 per week, and the 12-month plan at $4.50 per week. The 6- and 12-month plans include a fridge magnet and folders to keep the MailPop letters in, so kids can look back and reminisce on their progress.

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