A new type of building toy is really attracting our attention.

WowWee’s Magnaflex creative construction kits feature colorful magnetic strips that are flexible, bendable, stackable, and connectible. Kids can create any 2-D or 3-D structures they can imagine, or use the included instruction guides for easy inspiration.

Magnaflex sets are available in 14-, 22-, or 34-piece kits, and each one not only includes the Magnaflex strips, but also comes with connector pieces kids can use to add even more depth and detail to their creations.

Kids can create animals, vehicles, wearable accessories, and more. From a self-standing palm tree to a rainbow octopus, anything is possible with these unique new sets. With Magnaflex, kids can build on a flat surface, up and out, or stick the pieces to something magnetic, such as the refrigerator.

Each Magnaflex set features a different theme, such as vehicles, animals, critters, or beach. Each set includes different colored pieces, and kids can join as many sets together as they want for a brilliant spectrum of fun.

It’s no secret that kids love to create unique projects of their own, and Magnaflex provides them with a new outlet to express their individuality. Plus, the kits promote key skill development, including logic and problem solving, visualization, and fine motor skills.

Magnaflex strips feature Neodymium rare-earth magnets safely enclosed inside, ensuring a strong magnetic connection. Perfect for on-the-go creative adventures, Magnaflex strips neatly stack together for easy storage and transport. These lightweight, innovative new building sets are perfect for rainy day fun, keeping kids entertained in the car, or providing kids a creative outlet anytime. With no small pieces to lose or keep track of, Magnaflex is ideal for busy families on the move.

These floppy, bendable, petal-shaped strips are totally unique and offer kids new building possibilities, whether they want to follow the instruction guides, or make their own creations.