Magic in Motion Elsa may not have ice powers like her on-screen inspiration, but this interactive doll is so realistic, it might just have you believing in magic!

Inspired by the movie Frozen 2, the Magic in Motion Elsa doll from Jakks Pacific is designed for Frozen fans ages 3 and up. The doll, which stands about 13 inches tall, sings 1 minute of the song “Show Yourself” from the movie when you press a button on her stomach. As she sings, her mouth and head move with the music, making it look like she’s really singing the song. She even stands on her own, so kids can easily watch her perform. Kids can also move Elsa’s arms and pretend that she’s using her ice powers.

Her animatronic face isn’t the only fun feature, though! As “Show Yourself” plays, the chest of Elsa’s dress lights up with a flashing display that also matches the music. It is bright enough to see in daylight, but the effect is even more exciting if you dim the lights.

The toy is inspired by the scene in Frozen 2 when Elsa discovers the source of her powers and sings this powerful song, so the doll is wearing the dress Elsa transforms into during that scene (and wears for the remainder of the movie), including her sheer cape. Elsa’s dress and shoes are both removable, too, for added play value. Another part of this look is Elsa’s long blonde hair, which flows freely down her back. Kids will love playing with and styling Elsa’s hair! I wouldn’t recommend brushing the hair, due to its texture and slight curl, but it is perfect for practicing braids.

While kids will enjoy listening to (and singing along with) Elsa, the doll does have an easy-access off switch for times when play needs to be a bit quieter. Whether she’s belting out a ballad or just kids’ faithful friend, the Magic in Motion Elsa doll is the perfect companion for kids’ adventures into the unknown!