Last year, Blip Toys taught us that every princess needs a pet with the introduction of its Disney Princess Palace Pets line. This year, Cinderella’s puppy pumpkin has come to life in a whole new way, with Magic Dance Pumpkin. This beautiful R/C pup is dressed and ready for the ball, complete with her jeweled tiara and collar, shimmering tutu and bow, and removable fur cuffs. Beautifully reflecting the style and grace of Cinderella herself, Pumpkin is the perfect companion for girls ages 4 and up. Best of all: kids can control Pumpkin with the included magic wand. Pumpkin moves forward, backward, and side-to-side, and she can also do some fun tricks, like wag her tail and dance around to prerecorded music. She’s also quite the lady, proven by her elegant curtsey.

BlipToys.MagicDancePumpkinWith a simple swish of the wand or a touch of the jewel on her collar, Pumpkin will speak one of her enchanting phrases, some of which have quite the attitude, such as “Let’s try and make it home before midnight” (gosh, Cindy, get it together!). The wand, of course, lights up and makes a fantastic shimmering sound when little girls give it a wave, making it a fun pretend toy even when Pumpkin isn’t around. While Pumpkin herself is mostly plastic and not so much a cuddle-friendly pup, kids will love brushing her oversized plush tail and beautifully soft ears.

Pumpkin perfectly combines imaginative pretend play with tech-infused Disney magic. A truly inventive toy, this Palace Pet proves R/C is no longer just a Prince’s game.


Check out our Toy Insider Kid Lena demonstrating how Magic Dance Pumpkin works!

Magic Dance Pumpkin from Blip Toys was selected as a Hot 20 toy for the holiday season in the Toy Insider’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, featured in the November issue of Woman’s Day magazine. Check it out here!