Magformers is 3-D Brain Training for Kids

Click clack, click clack.

Thanks to the Magformers My First Pastel 30-Piece Set, little ones ages 18 months and up can click and clack their way through playtime with geometric, pastel-colored shapes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Magformers, get familiar. Each plastic shape inside a Magformers set features a neodymium magnet, which lets kids connect them together with ease. These magnetic pieces allow for flexible and creative constructions, and let kids pull, roll, build, and fold their way to greatness.Ideal for toddlers just starting to build their fine motor skills, the My First Pastel 30-Piece Building Set includes pastel-tone triangles and squares that help young ones relax, learn, and have fun while they tinker.

Magformers shapes never reject, so little ones can experiment and connect them without worry. They can build towers, stars, ribbons, and so much more as they fine-tune their motor skills and fuel their creativity. When playtime is over, the magnetic nature of the pieces makes stacking and storing away a breeze. The set also includes a step-by-step model booklet that teaches kids how to build things like a microphone, a penguin, or a heart using the pieces in their set. Kids can use the 2-D puzzle cards to lay their pieces flat and match them to animals, or build flat structures on 1:1 planar figure cards that lift up to unveil 3-D models.


18 MOS+

Manufacturer: Magformers
MSRP: $59.99

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