Baby toys are cute. In fact, baby toys are so cute, that it’s hard to narrow down which toys to actually turn to. While you scroll through Amazon and flippantly fill your cart with anything that you imagine your little tot looking cute while playing with, take some advice from the pros: Magformers‘ Dolce line is a MUST for newborns.

The Dolce Spring Animals is one of the newest collections from the brand, and they are almost too cute to handle. There are a bunch of different animals for parents to spoil their little ones with, including Bunny, Pony, Lamb, Calf, and more styles. Each Spring Animal has a variety of vibrant colors—including teal, green, red, orange, and yellow—but they come together in a visually aesthetic way that will appeal to baby. All Dolce Spring Animals also have a big, rectangular “dolce” tag attached to them with a ribbon that also serves as a teether for baby.

In addition to kids’ visual senses being stimulated by the looks of the toys, they also come with designs and detailing that promote early development in little ones. For example, the ears on each of the animals feature crinkle paper for tiny tots to touch and then listen to the distinct sound that they make. Additionally, the dolls have textured fabric and embroidery to further promote tactile play and encourage little ones to become familiar with the way that different textures and surfaces may feel.

When kids shake the animals, they all make a distinct noise. The Lamb and Calf have visual rattle designed in their bellies, and babies can physically spin the rattle inside Lamb and watch the way the balls move when they flip them over. Both animals also have noses that squeak when kids press down on them.

Bunny and Pony have bell-like items inside of them, and they make a “jingling” noise when kids shake them. Pony also has a mirror on his belly, that will attract and delight curious little ones. Instead of a mirror, Bunny has a pouch in its belly that holds a tiny carrot that stays attached to the bunny with a piece of colorful ribbon.

The Dolce Spring Animals come packed with different features and textures that help toddlers develop their imaginations and fuel their desire to discover new things. Moms, dads, aunts, and uncles will get a front row seat to their little love as he or she develops these early childhood skills.