Time for the toy box to get a little less pretty.

With Just Play’s new line of Madballs series two, kids ages 4 and up can add even more horrendous faces to their collection of squeezable monstrosities.

For those who aren’t familiar, Madballs are a series of 3-inch foam balls with distinct personalities and grotesque appearances. Being horendous is their appeal, and they’ve been a cult classic since 1985.

The new series two characters are fondly named Lock Lips, Swine Sucker, Bruise Brother, Buzz Off, Fist Face, and Snake Bait. In other words, all things you may have branded your younger sibling as during a pre-teen fit of a rage.

Let’s take a closer look at newest, most ugly additions to the line:Lock Lips is a wrecking ball with a metal lock for a mouth. He might not be the most adorable, but he sure is good at keeping secrets.Swine Sucker is a wide-eyed pig with a mammoth of an overbite. He’s even got stiches that run around his body, seemingly to hold together pieces of decaying flesh.Bruise Brother is a burly blue bearded ball (try saying that five times fast) with nasty breath. His tongue—which dangles from his mouth—is covered in fungus, and a sticker reading “MOM” adorns the left side of his helmet.Buzz Off might be my favorite of the bunch. Stylized like a bigheaded bug, Buzz Off features two gargantuan orange eyeballs and some seriously unhealthy looking green pincers.Fist Face is a fist with a face. Surprise! His purple skin and lime green fingernails make this Cyclops one unattractive character. He likes pizza and soda though, so he’s all right with me.Snake Bait is super cool looking, and features a head with a missing eye inside the mouth of a slithering serpent. There’s even venom that hangs from the fangs.In addition to the main series two characters, there are also blind bags that feature mix-ups of old and new characters, which include Wolf Breath, Slobbernaut, Freaky Fullback, Aargh!, Sushissasin, and Skunkvenger.

For kids who greet grossness with a warm welcome, the characters within the new Madballs series two line are an ideal fit. Kids can role-play with them, bounce or throw them in the yard, or use them to relieve stress.