Goal: $15,000

Funding Period: Until Nov. 2

Creator: Ashley Mady

Who’s ready to bust a move and act like an animal?

Introducing Mad Moves, a new party game that combines popular dance moves with either an animal, action, or person.

Mad Moves works like this: players spin the dance move spinner and draw a category card corresponding to what they landed on.  It will either be an animal, action, or person card. Then the fun(ky) part begins. The player must act out the card, while busting their designated dance move, as everyone guesses their combo. No talking is allowed, but giggles are highly encouraged.

There are over 300 possible combinations a player may be instructed to perform, such as a monkey doing the twist, a tap-dancing robot, or a T-Rex performing ballet. Whoever guesses the hilarious combination will earn the card. The person with the most cards wins the game, but watch out, encounter a Tomato card and you could lose it all.

Mad Moves is designed for ages 6 to 100, so yes, even Grandpa can get jiggy with it during family game night.

Are you down to get down? Kickstarter donators that pledge at least $5 will be eligible for exclusive Mad Moves perks. Those that pledge at least $29 will receive their own copy of the game.  

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