Lumi-NiterStretch muscles and play time with Lumi-Niter, a glow-in-the-dark flying disc, from Xtraordin Air Toys. Guaranteed to keep kids active all day and for up to 8 hours of glow time at night, this disc is ideal for beach trips, camping, or just hanging out in the park.

Designed for kids ages 7 and up, each Lumi-Niter is a 10.75-inch disc that comes with 16 colored glowsticks. Activating the sticks is super-easy—just bend, shake, and insert the stick into the top channel of the disc. Kids can then throw the disc into the night sky and watch it transmit light in multiple directions through its translucent surface. The disc comes in raspberry, yellow, green, white, and orange colors and the sticks are available in red, yellow, blue, green, and pink. So, kids can mix and match to create new patterns each time. The result can be as scintillating as watching fireworks in the night.

The Lumi-Niter will not fail kids even when the wind is strong. With a weight of 198 grams (with the sticks loaded in) the disc will manage to cut through without a flutter. And yet, its light enough to fit inside a travel bag. Another added extra is the disc’s water-proof, battery-free, buoyant body that makes just right for summer pool time.

Throwing and catching a disc for me is sort of like playing fetch with my dog: Just jump to catch the frisbee in mid-flight, dive if you have to without bothering about hurting yourself, pick up the disc quickly and pass it to your friend. Playing with Lumi-Niter outdoors in the night, however, is much more challenging. It’ll train your eyes as much as it trains your muscles—making it worth every penny.