Lucky’s CharmWorld Candy Land | Source: Hasbro/General Mills/the Toy Insider

Lucky Charms (you know the ones — they’re magically delicious) is bringing new traditions your way this St. Patrick’s Day with a seasonal twist on a traditional board game and a limited-edition cereal that will turn your milk green.

Hasbro Gaming is teaming up with General Mills to create a special version of Candy Land. In Lucky’s CharmWorld by Candy Land, families can play as the sneaky kids who are always trying to catch Lucky the Leprechaun. Players will venture through the Hearty Pines, the Clover Field, Rainbow Ridge, and other magical destinations in a race to reach Lucky’s pot of magical charms. The limited-edition game is available for pre-order now at

Green Milk Turn Lucky Charms features magical clover-shaped marshmallows that will change the color of your cereal milk. Boxes are already hitting shelves at most major retailers starting this month so get them now before they sell out.

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Lucky Charms has a few more tricks up its sleeve to spread the St. Patrick’s Day love, including marshmallow-themed Crocs Jibbitz charms; free video e-cards from JibJab; and Lucky Charms ice cream and a shake available at Cold Stone Creamery beginning on March 1.

Follow Lucky Charms’ social media channels to learn more about the new board game and for other ideas for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.