Key Art for ‘Luca’ | Source: Pixar

Back in June, Pixar’s Luca landed on Disney+, taking fans to the gorgeous, fictional Italian town of Portorosso and teaching viewers of all ages about the power of friendship and how important it is to accept others — even if they are a bit different from us!

Last week, we got to chat with actress Emma Berman, who voiced the ambitious, caring character Giulia in the animated movie. She was on-site at Pixar Putt, a themed mini-golf experience that’s running in New York City until Oct. 31, and then traveling to other locations in the U.S. Before teeing off at the Luca-themed hole — which has a replica Portorosso, a sea monster, and more — we chatted with Berman about recording her scenes, Luca toys, and more!

The Toy Insider: What was your favorite scene to record in Luca?

Emma Berman: My favorite scene to record, and also to watch, actually — it was my favorite scene overall. I really enjoyed the scene where Luca and Giulia were on the rooftop, they were looking at the telescope, and then they go into Giulia’s room and they’re talking about astronomy, and she crosses out her name in the book and writes “Luca.” That’s just the most wholesome moment ever. It’s so sweet and so cute, and it’s so fun when Giulia is so passionate, and she’s talking about how passionate she is about astronomy and telling Luca all these things and teaching him new things. I think that’s so fun because she’s so energetic in that moment. She’s so cheerful and passionate, and I think that’s when I fully got to show it and fully portray my excitement for voicing Giulia.

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TI: What do you think it is about Luca that makes it such a fun movie for kids, adults, and everybody to watch?

EB: I think especially now, in these times, people want to travel. And honestly, watching this movie is like a one-way ticket to Portorosso! You totally get transported into it and you totally feel the vibes and the culture and everything from Italy. And I think it’s really fun. You feel like you’ve been to Italy now because it’s just so perfectly captured and so well portrayed. I think that’s definitely something that people can look forward to, is watching it and feeling like they’re in Italy and experiencing that.

TI: Have you gotten to see your character as a toy yet? And what was that experience like?

EB: I have gotten to see Giulia as a Funko Pop! and a plush, and it’s so fun. There’s so much awesome merch! There’s like, sweaters and everything. It’s just so cool to see it. The fact that I voiced her, I’m just so honored and so grateful, because it’s just so cool to see her merchandised.

The Giulia and Machiavelli Plush Toys | Source: shopDisney/the Toy Insider

TI: Which piece of Luca merch is your favorite?

EB: I would have to say that the plush is really cool. Because it’s kind of bigger, so it’s more huggable. And the Machiavelli plush is adorable!

TI: Finally, if your character could go into any other Pixar movie, which one would you pick and why? Where do you think she’d fit in well?

EB: I think maybe she would fit in Monster’s, Inc. Because she accepts Luca and Alberto as sea monsters, and I think — mostly — in Monster’s, Inc., that they kind of hide from the humans. And I think it would be so cool to see Giulia accept them and they accept Giulia. And she’d go with Luca and Alberto! And they’d be the underdog group together in Monster’s University or Monster’s Inc!

Luca is available now to stream on Disney+ and to buy on Blu-ray and digital!