Moose Toys (a company on The Toy Insider’s Hot 20 list this year) has introduced the Zelfs, collectible dolls that live in a “fab-itat” in the secret garden of Zardenia. These dolls feature colorful, spiketacular hair that can be styled in all sorts of different ways and that is super fun to play with. Each Zelf has its own unique persona and a Zelf power that is represented by a Zelf mark. For example, one beautiful little light blue Zelf, Angelala, has the Zelf power of kindness. Each Zelf also comes with matching charms and hair accessories (Angelala has an adorable harp). The new line includes small, medium, and large Zelfs, and the Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon Playset that twirls and swirls each Zelf’s hair with the push of a button.

The Zelfs come with a powerful message to “Love YourZelf,” and each Zelf’s power represents traits that young girls can learn to embrace in themselves, such as love, creativity, bravery, and positivity. The unique thing about Zelfs is that they are collectible dolls, instead of fashion dolls, that carry such a powerful message. Kids can collect the Zelfs, and the Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon, and play with fantastical dolls that inspire them to embrace what is different about themselves. The adorable Zelfs are not only collectible toys with great hair play, but also a message to kids about how to not only know what makes you unique, but to take pride in it and share it with the world.