Lottie_Doll_Combo_HR[2]Lottie Dolls, new from Arklu, encourage girls to be less sugar-and-spice, and more smart-and-savvy-minded. This collection of dolls puts the power of girlhood into a 7.5-inch doll called Lottie, that is aimed at girls, ages 3 and up. Lottie proves that a fashion doll can be fervent, feisty, and fun. Available dolls include Robot Girl Lottie, Butterfly Protector Lottie, Pirate Queen Lottie, and Kawaii Karate Lottie. Accessories and dress-up sets are available in Busy Lizzie the Robot Accessory Kit, Girls United Outfit Set, Pirate Queen Accessory Set, Raising the Bar Outfit Set, Sweet Dreams Outfit Set, and more. I so appreciate the idea behind these dolls. There is a doll for every interest. While the dolls are goal and interest-oriented, they also have adorable outfits and style, proving to young girls that you can have both!