Don’t worry y’all—the threequel is just as good as the original.

Series three of L.O.L. Surprise! is making its way downtown and into store shelves, with more surprises and confetti all jam-packed into a sphere the size of your hand. These collectibles let kids unwrap layers of surprises, combining the popularity of unboxing with the excitement of bling bags. Kids can then feed or bathe the doll with water to reveal a surprise water feature.

L.O.L. Surprise! Confetti Pop has TWO more cleverly-hidden surprises than the O.G. L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, bringing in a grand total of nine surprises and a whole new way for kids to unbox their dolls and accessories. Each surprise reveals a hint of which doll they’re going to get.

Half of the fun is the process of unwrapping all of the layers of your new L.O.L. Surprise! Confetti Pop. The series three ball is a cheery yellow color, surrounded with lots of imagery of confetti and question marks.

Surprise 1: Unzip the first perforation (literally, you’re ripping the plastic so it looks like you’re opening a zipper) to reveal a secret message sticker. This is the first clue as to which doll you’re going to get, so get your Sherlock Holmes hat on and start deducing! My sticker had a picture of a rock and drums. Hmm, sounds like a rocker chick, but we’ll see. If you can’t uncode your message, stop unwrapping and go home. Just kidding. There’s a hint in small letters at the bottom of the sticker, and mine says, “Rock the Beat.”

Surprise 2: Next up are collectible stickers. They’re tiny emoji-looking ones in cute colors. I really identify the winking lilac one with devil horns.

Surprise 3: Peel the next plastic layer for a ring tattoo. This one is super adorable, and furthers my suspicions about our mystery doll. There’s a microphone in the the center, surrounded by sheet music and music notes. Stay tuned for the next surprises. It looks like there’s six steps to it. This is more suspenseful than waiting for Scott Rogowsky to start reading Q12 in HQ Trivia.

Surprise 4: Totally new to the L.O.L. Surprise! unwrapping process, spin a round, plastic piece to unveil four more blind bags. It’s kind of like Wheel of Fortune only in the way that you don’t know which surprise you’re going to get next, so everyone will unwrap their next four surprises in different order. My first random bling bag is a biggie: it’s the outfit. It’s cute gray shorts and a tank donning the UK flag. Other outrageous outfits will include jumpsuits, tutus, leather jackets, mermaid tails, and more.

Surprise 5: My next blind bag was a fashionable accessory. It looks like a choker necklace, and I’m really excited that this doll has a sense of style. Some other accessories kids can open are sunglasses, cat ears, tiaras, and many more!

Surprise 6: 🎶 Baby Bottle Pop, Baby Bottle Pop! 🎶 But literally. The baby bottle is a soda can that says, “POP!” It also doubles as a charm. Ayo.

Surprise 7: This means that the pair of kicks is left! I got a pair of tall, hot pink boots. Me likey. You could also get roller skates, cowgirl boots, ballet flats, and more.

Surprise 8: Okay, I know it’s called Confetti Pop, but I was NOT READY for all of the confetti! After you find all of your hidden blind bags, you have to search for a ribbon. Flip the ball open, pull the ribbon, and POP! Happy New Year. This is so satisfying and I want to pop confetti over and over again.

Surprise 9: Last, we have our L.O.L. Surprise! Doll, among all of the confetti. She is totally a rocker chick and about 300 percent cooler than I will ever be. If we weren’t friends—we’re totally BFFs now–then I would probably be intimidated of her IRL. Three quarters of her hair is shaven and red, and the other part of her hair is swept over, wavy, and purple. Her eyes and eyebrows match her hair, tank top, and bottle. Plus, she has a super fun new water feature. Fill her head with water, squeeze her head, and water will squirt out of her face. Use this secret tactic and squirt water on your mortal enemy (sorry, Kristen).

There you have it. Kids will find them all and collect each new club, including Swim, Sleepover, STEAM, Rock, and more. Series three has more than 35 dolls to be on the lookout for!

If you want more L.O.L. Surprise, watch the video below of Kristen and me unwrappinng a L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise. Spoiler alert: We get v emotional about the amount of surprises.