The unboxing trend just went up a notch. While most unboxings feature a small selection of packages to open and reveal what’s inside, MGA Entertainment’s (MGAE) L.O.L. Surprise has upped the ante with its giant 3-foot-long L.O.L. Surprise! Amazing Surprise set.

Billed as the “ultimate unboxing experience,” L.O.L. fans can discover more than 70 blind-bag surprises, 14 exclusive dolls, and two playsets. Immersed in a downtown cityscape theme, kids ages 6 and up can navigate the illustrated city’s streets and follow a numbered maze to open up different boxes — one at a time — to reveal different accessories, dolls, and pets inside.

The Amazing Surprise box comes with an ordered list of how to open the complete set in numeric order. Kids can start by opening the zipper tab across the bottom, which reveals the first boxes to open. One by one, kids can pop open the next visible cardboard box (labeled in order) and open the blind bag hidden side. The full set includes two L.O.L. Surprise! OMG Fashion Dolls, three L.O.L. Surprise! dolls, three Boys, four pets, two little sisters, and enough outfits and accessories to outfit the whole lot. The two OMG dolls come inside colored plastic boxes that open to become closet playsets.


The exclusive dolls can only be found inside this Amazing Surprise box and fit into two “families” of themes: the street-savvy dolls with plenty of attitude and the posh preps. However, as the clothes come in separate bags from the dolls, kids can mix and match themes and outfits among all the collectibles to create their own signature styles. Once all the surprises have been found, kids can put the maze boxes, drawers, and flaps back together — illustrated side out — to make a cityscape backdrop.

Trust us, it’s one of the hottest toys of the holiday season for a reason thanks to all of its glam surprises inside.