lq-party_03After speaking with Eric Poses of All Things Equal to learn about the epic family vacation he had planned this summer to demo his new game Loaded Questions Party, I knew I had to play it for myself.

Get ready, because this new hilariously entertaining board game will quickly become a staple during family game night. Loaded Questions Party has players battling to match which competitor masterminded the answers to one of over 200 “loaded questions,” as you frame your own responses. Pegged for ages 13 and older, it’s sure to induce instant laughter as you read the quirky responses given to personal questions!

Similar to Apples to Apples, but more interactive, players are asked to move through a game board answering questions, rather than just throwing cards down aimlessly. A vital step in the game is guessing who wrote what—personally, my favorite rule. Players can advance once space for every correctly matched answer, and the player who wrote the winning response has the opportunity to advance two spaces on the board.

It doesn’t matter if the answer is silly, serious, honest, creative or ridiculous, if it’s your turn you decide which response is victorious!

I love that this game has simple, easy to follow directions; it makes game play that much more enjoyable. The game pieces are easily navigable through the board, and there isn’t an overwhelming amount of playing cards like other similar games, which means no tedious clean-up!

Catch Eric and his family on tour this summer to demo the game, or pick it up for yourself! It’s sure to be a blast.