Llama’s are everywhere. You can barely turn your head without being in spitting distance (pun totally intended) of a llama toy, sweater, plush, or some other adorable likeness of the notoriously soft, social animals. And now, the frenzy over these fluffy creatures is invading your kitchen, too.

With Handstand Kitchen’s Llama Love Ultimate Baking Party set, kids can bake real, delicious desserts that look like the llamas they’ve come to love. The 15-piece set has everything your child will need to create any lovely llama treat they can imagine. The size of the utensils included in the set makes it easy for both kids and parents to use them, plus they are sturdy enough for everyday use.

handstand kitchen llama love

The Llama Love Ultimate Baking Party set includes:

  • Two large llama-shaped cookie cutters;
  • Five mini stainless steel cookie cutters;
  • One llama-shaped silicone cupcake tray;
  • A spatula;
  • A frosting bag with three tips;
  • A recipe booklet; and
  • A sticker sheet.

The recipe booklet includes a basic sugar cookie recipe and a cupcake recipe, plus recipes for royal icing and buttercream frosting, but you can use the supplies with your favorite recipes, too. The set is safe for kids ages 6 and up, but parents should supervise the whole process, not just the actual baking.

llama love handstand kitchen

The sugar cookie recipe, while delicious, is a big endeavor. If you have younger kids or kids who aren’t great at waiting, start with the cupcakes first. The recipe is quick with a smaller yield. The cookie cutters are all adorable and easy to use, but beware that there is quite a difference in bake time between the largest llama cookies and some of the smaller shapes. Watch that timer!

Llama Love is the latest line from Handstand Kitchen, but the company has a wide range of cookbooks and accessories that make it easier for kids to make homemade treats in a fun way. The sets get kids interested in cooking early on by tapping into themes in which they’re interested, including Under the Sea, Out of This World, and Rainbows & Unicorns.

Bon appétit!