Llamas are cute, fuzzy animals that just so happen to spit at people. What’s not to love? They’ve never quite gone out of style, but apparently they are the new unicorn in terms of trendiness. Whichever creature is your preference, there’s a new card game everyone can get behind.

The Llama Drama Card Game is part UNO, part Solitaire, and all drama. Basically, when it’s their turn, players need to either match the card on top of the pile or place down a higher card. Llamas throw off the game by having their own hierarchy and set of rules. It can get a little complex, so check out the video on gameplay below.

We’re not sure of the meaning behind the hierarchy, but this is how it stands: Big Llama is the king (crown included) and every card drawn after it has to be a special llama, but it can’t be Shy Llama. Shy Llama means the next player can only play cards 1-4 or any llama card, except for Big Llama. Still with us? Magic Llama is the one you want because it discards the entire play pile (meaning no one has to pick it up). Any card can go before or after Baby Llama. Lastly, Ghost Llama is invisible, which means the card before it is still active. 

We did not quite figure out what happens if Ghost Llama goes first in the play pile. Be sure to shuffle the deck so that does not happen!

For the biggest llama lover in your life, there’s a holiday pack with brand-new llamas and Christmas-themed characters. All of them take on the same powers as mentioned above — except for one. Electric Llama reverses the direction of play, and the previous player has to play on their own card. Also, the infamous Ghost Llama has a holiday alter-ego: Frozen Llama. 

A single pack is intended for two to four players, or you can buy a second pack of card to open the game up for five to eight players. No matter which way you shuffle the deck, these llamas come with enough drama for all.