4D Cityscape Time Puzzles from 4D Cityscape, Inc., are educational, challenging, and fun. The 4D Cityscape is a three-layer puzzle design. The first two layers assemble like a jigsaw puzzle to form a geographical map of the city. The fourth dimension comes into play with time – the third layer of the puzzle. Included with the puzzle is a fourth dimension time poster that takes you through the city’s history, helping you locate buildings and place them in chronological order, allowing puzzlers to replay history right before their eyes.

Several North American and international cities are available: New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, and Sydney are all available, with more cities on their way for next year. Each puzzle is about 1,000 pieces, and a lot of historical facts, so you can create and learn all in one.