The Littlest Pet Shop Pets are so fancy (you already know). So they are not going to go jetsetting around the world in any old plane—they’re going to do it in style. The LPS Jet, from Hasbro, opens up into an extended play area featuring a translucent, opening canopy where kids can hang accessories and decorate with Deco Bits pieces. The set has more than 165 pieces, so that kids can make each and every flight fun for their Littlest Pet Shop Pets.

Other fun features of the LPS Jet include an opening cockpit, a rear area for storage—or, if you prefer, “sleeping” pets, three hanging swings, a slide, and a pet feeder. The cool thing about this Jet is that there’s so much to do that kids won’t get bored making up adventures to take their pets on. Not only does it come with all of those pieces, it also comes with four exclusive Pets: Hugsy Lovejoy, Kelvin Vining, Pommy LeClerc, and, my personal favorite, Anik von Fleet. (They all kind of sound like characters from The Hunger Games trilogy, no?)

Kids will absolutely love to customize their Jet with two sticker sheets and 72 Deco Bits. The set also includes 40 fun accessories, including a pilot hat and googles, food and drinks, a cute teddy bear, and a globe that you can stick a Pet inside. The fun of this set is that you can really style and design it to your taste, so even the littlest of Littlest Pet Shop fans—the set is recommended for kids ages 4 and up—can get in on the creative customization fun!

And if ALL of this LPS excitement packed up into this Jet isn’t enough, you can design an entire world any way you want, with the whole collection of Littlest Pet Shop play sets, all of which are adorably amazing. Each of those sets is sold separately. The LPS Jet will be available in most major retailers and at this fall!