MGA Island Wavemaker

Splish splash! Summer is here — and we’re still staying at home — which calls for the perfect way to cool down in your own backyard.

The Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table from MGA Entertainment gives kids the perfect place to make a splash during the warm summer weather. With the Island Wavemaker, kids can imagine up their own pirate stories and sail for adventure while they splash and play.

Little Tikes always puts out a great line of water tables each summer — full of fun themes and activities to keep kids busy while getting some fresh air — but this particular table is the first one that allows kids to make their own waves inside of the table. Kids simply spin the easy-to-use wavemaker wheel, which looks like the helm of a pirate ship, to create waves inside the table, adding a little adventure to their imaginative playtime.

In addition to the wheel, the table features five unique play stations so kids can journey to sail the high seas. Kids can send the included characters sailing around the central skull island and the waterfall lets kids take them on a thrill ride again and again. When kids use the included bucket to dump water on the palm trees they twirl and spin as if they’re blowing in the wind. The set also includes themed play accessories, such as a pirate, a mermaid, a shark, and a narwhal.

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Of course, no pirate adventure is complete without a treasure chest! The table comes with an included treasure chest accessory that kids can bury in a variety of locations around the Island Wavemaker.

Island Wavemaker water table

One of the best things about water tables is that it’s the perfect backyard toy for multiple kids to play with together. With this table designed for kids ages 2 and up, the whole motley pirate crew can get together and play cooperatively and collaboratively, encouraging taking turns, sharing, cooperative play, and teamwork. (Plus, parents, keeping multiple kids entertained at once is always a bonus!)

So get ready to set sail on the high seas on a brand-new backyard fun adventure with the Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table.

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